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JobsWithFun.com is one of the best online job site which provide multiple opportunities to the competitive moods. By watching growth in the unemployment in pakistan. JobsWithFun.com team publishes job advertisements from the differents newspapers of pakistan every day, so that visitors can be facilitated & seek jobs according to their education.
We also provides to the job seekers & employers by providing them one platform for job searching respectively.
Photo Shayari is the most important part of this site, because new generation is much closer to this. For those peoples our team is doing work to make photos with famous poetry of various poets. Visitors can see almost every type of photo shayari at one place. They can like, share & send those photos with their friends & loved ones & give their rating response & comments.
JobsWithFun.com team adds new collection of the SMS Shayari by famous poets everyday. We have a wide range of SMS Shayari. At this time there are about 60 categories of poetry, that visitors can like & share with their loved ones & rate it by star rating & Facebook liking.
JobsWithFun.com adds a funny feature in this site to change your moods by fun. In this feature we are publishing many kinds of Funny Text, Awkward Text, Lol Photos, Animals Lol, Cartoon, Troll Comics, Funny Fact, Humour & more at one place. Visitors can enjoy those funny pictures, like & share with their friends & their loved ones. Visitors can give their likeness by star rating & give comments.
In this feature, we have facilitated those Institutes / Organizations which do not publish their vacant jobs in the newspapers or those who have to advertise jobs on urgent basis & those who have to seek good employee team.
Our team will review it & publish that job advertisement if that will be suitable.


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